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Literacy Activities for the Whole Family

  1.         Play with words
  2.         Bake a favourite recipe.
  3.         Tell a story about growing up.
  4.         Tell the story of your birth
  5.         Write out a phone message for a member of your family
  6.         When you are travelling with your parent or guardian, give the directions
  7.         Tell a traditional story about your culture
  8.         Put a message on a sticky note and place it on the fridge for your parent or guardian
  9.         Look at family photographs and tell stories together
  10.         Make up stories when you are travelling together
  11.         Make a scrapbook about something that interests you
  12.         Play cards
  13.         Play board games
  14.         Read poetry/write poetry
  15.         Make up tongue twisters
  16.         Look up words you don’t know in a dictionary or an online dictionary together
  17.         Read a news story out loud and have a talk about what you think about it
  18.         Learn a song and teach it to your parent or guardian
  19.         Write an email together to a friend or family member
  20.         Get some refrigerator word magnets and play with them
  21.         Write a thank you card together
  22.         Watch a TV show together and talk about the main idea
  23.         Watch a movie and see whether you can summarize it in just five sentences
  24.         Read a book together and then watch a movie version. Talk about the differences between the versions
  25.         Write out the family shopping list
  26.         When you are travelling together, point out street signs, ads and other text that is interesting
  27.         Read a computer manual or online instructions together
  28.         Put something together that comes with plans
  29.         Read something while thinking about the author’s message
  30.         Write a letter to yourself to help you think through a problem
  31.         “Read between the lines” and see if you can make an inference about the way someone in your family is behaving. (Example: “Based on the fact that you are rushing around the house frantically looking in every drawer, I’m going to infer that you’ve lost your keys again, Dad.”)
  32.         Make a connection between an idea in a book and something from your own experience
  33.         Go through an old photo album with a family member and take turns telling each other stories. If you don’t know the people in the photos, make up stories that might fit
  34.         Give a five minute summary of a movie you recently enjoyed to a friend but remember not to ruin the story by giving away the ending!
  35.         Translate a “tweet” or text message into full sentences if your mom or dad have difficulty with the language of texting
  36.         Translate a conversation from one language to another for a friend or family member
  37.         Make up a new verse to one of your favourite songs