Financial Literacy

In September 2011 the Ontario Ministry of Education launched their new Financial Literacy Resource Guides for Grades 4 to 8 and 9 to 12.  These resource guides draw together expectations that address financial literacy from across the curriculum. To further assist teachers in providing financial literacy resources for students, please visit the following links:

Ontario Ministry of Education: Financial Literacy

To get you started, head over to the Ontario Ministry of Education’s Financial Literacy site to download the Financial Literacy Guide for Grades 4 to 8 and the Financial Literacy Guide for Grades 9 to 12, understand the purpose for the guides, and to access links to supporting resources.

Financial Literacy GAINS

One of the sub-sites of EduGAINS, this site is the portal to resources developed and provided through the Ministry of Education to support financial literacy education in Ontario. The highlight of this site is the selection of videos designed to demonstrate how to integrate financial literacy into the curriculum at both the elementary and secondary levels. Viewing guides are included as well.

The City

Using a blend of fictional characters with real-life financial scenarios, this online world is intended to teach high school-age students about money through eleven different learning modules. Brought to you by the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada, this simulation teaches students about budgeting, credit and debt, insurance, investing and financial planning.  Available in both English and French.

The Financial Guide for Children

This site from the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy Canada offers Financial Guides for children ages 5 to those in Post-Secondary education. The guides are full of advice and activities for teaching children about financial matters from a young age.

Get Smarter About Money

Established by the Ontario Securities commission, this site has an abundance of student and teacher resources including videos, interactive learning resources, and curriculum support materials. Information about Funny Money a free educational seminar for high schools can also be found within this site.

Teaching Kids News

This online newspaper is written for kids (Grades 2-8). With a wide selection of timely, relevant and intriguing articles you are sure to find an article on almost any topic of interest to students – including money and finance.

Planet Orange

Designed by ING DIRECT for students in Grades 1 to 6, Planet Orange is a website that takes students on a mission to discover the importance of money. Full of interactive games and activities for students, the site also provides teacher resources, video tutorials and a parent centre.

Make it Count

Available in both English and French, Make it Count provides lesson plans with activities and tips to help teachers incorporate money management into the curriculum. Saving, budgeting, spending wisely, earning money and recognizing scams are just a few of the key concepts used in this resource.

 Royal Canadian Mint in learning more about coins in Canada? Visit the Royal Canadian Mint site. Students can view the Kids’ Corner of the site to learn more about how coins are made, special coins, and interesting facts.

 GoVenture Financial for publicly funded educational use in Ontario, GoVenture Financial Literacy and is a realistic software simulation designed to help youth (Grades 7 to 12) learn about personal money-management decisions. For more information on licensing, visit and talk to your school board about getting school access to this software.
Also be sure to check out all my links to financial literacy in my blog entries under the category “Financial Literacy.”

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