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This site http://www.edugains.ca/newsite/aer2/aervideo/learninggoals.html provides resources from teachers across the province on Learning Goals and Success Criteia as well as many other subjects. These are links to a few of their videos:

Segment 1: The Foundation of Assessment for Learning (7:39)
Learning goals and success criteria are the foundation on which students base their ability to monitor their learning and determine next steps. FLVMP4

Segment 2: Developing Learning Goals (7:49)
Learning goals are brief statements that describe, for students, what they should know and be able to do by the end of a period of instruction FLVMP4

Segment 3: Sharing and Clarifying Learning Goals (8:19)
By ensuring that students clearly understand learning goals, teachers set the stage for students to be able to focus their efforts on achieving the goals, monitoring their progress, and setting their own goals. FLVMP4

Segment 4: Developing Success Criteria (6:17)
Success criteria describe what success “looks like”, and when used to give descriptive feedback when assessing, provide both the teacher and the student information about learning. FLVMP4

Segment 5: Helping Students Understand Criteria (6:54)
Success criteria describe, for students, what successful learning ‘looks like’. It is critical to students’ success that they and their teacher have a clear and shared understanding of the criteria. FLVMP4

Segment 6: Co-constructing Success Criteria (8:42)
By directly involving students in the development of criteria, teachers help students to develop a common understanding of the criteria by which performance will be judged. FLVMP4