This year Eric Walters is inviting students to participate in editing and co-creating his new book.  Author Eric Walters has invited TDSB students in Grades 3-8 to take part in providing feedback and editing his latest novel, “Hunter”, through digital interaction with an online blog/email . Please join us and become part of this exciting new project. As part of the project you would receive chapters every week, provide feedback, and interact with the author and characters through the interactive blog. There will be opportunities to receive copies of the finished book and attend a year-end celebration with Eric and the book characters in May at the Read 2 Succeed Conference.


Two years ago, hundreds of students participated in Eric’s first co-written book with the TDSB, HOME TEAM. All participants were invited to the year-end book launch and celebration at the Double Tree Hotel and all participants received a copy of the book and other literacy give-aways.  Last year Eric and TDSB students from over 40 schools worked together to create CAT and again met with Eric and other authors at the Read 2 Succeed Conference.

Hunter is an interactive/digital project that connects students into a discussion focussed on the development of Eric’s next book, Hunter. There will be opportunities to dialogue with Eric as he co-creates the characters, settings and events with TDSB students. Perhaps some of your students may even become characters of the book itself. Interested classes are invited to contribute to the development of the characters and other aspects of the novel throughout the year. Students will use digital media to edit the novel and provide comments, and student writers will participate in the novel’s launch during the May 2nd and 3rd celebration at the Double Tree Hotel. You will receive new chapters by email to share with your groups and participate in the Blog.

You can check out a sample of the first chapter online. http://oursite.tdsb.on.ca/org/BLP/default.aspx

To join the group please email Bill Waldman william.waldman@tdsb.on.ca  to sign up and he will send you chapters every week. Once you have read them, please post your feedback on the blog available on the interactive web site. If you have special comments you would like to make to Eric Walters directly, his email is on the site as well.