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Type “How It’s Made Episodes” into Youtube’s search line. Choose a video from this series that sparks your interest. The videos have multiple subjects on each show. Choose just one subject.

  1. Watch the segment through once.
  2. Watch the segment again using the following graphic organizer to take notes.

Use the table below to record the ten most important steps in the process. Draw a sketch, a few words or a combination of both as your notes.



  1. Read over the notes you made in #2. Compress your ideas into just 5 steps. Think about what was most interesting about the manufacturing process. You might also want to consider including where is the item made, who uses it and why people might want to buy it. Watch the video again if you need to revise the notes you’ve taken.

List 5 steps below:



  1. Use the 5 steps to write a short paragraph which summarizes “How It’s Made.”  You may find some of the following transition words helpful:
  • too
  • also
  • in the second place
  • again
  • in addition
  • even more
  • next
  • further
  • last, lastly
  • finally
  • besides
  • and, or, nor
  • first
  • second, secondly, etc.