My blog had to wait while I looked for my missing cat, Katniss Everdeen (named after  the main character in the Hunger Games). I was so preoccupied with the lost cat that I forgot to feed my ever-patient dog for 3 days. (She had water.)  

I wrote the “Lost Cat” poster from the point of view of Katniss. It would be a great media assignment to look at different “Lost” posters (lots available online) and decide which ones might be effective and which ones are just pathetic.

Here’s mine (and if you live in West-end Toronto can help me find my cat, please email me!):

I’m a three-year-old tabby named Katniss. I’m named after some great hunter from a book. I ran away from home on May 20th when my family was having a party with too many people, four dogs and fireworks.

I’m very friendly and like to sit on my human’s shoulders. I have a recently shaved tummy from an operation and I also have a microchip in my ear. If you think you know me, please help get me back to my family. The woman in the photo is probably having a nervous breakdown by now. 

Call: (phone number here)