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Encourage reading at home:

  • Read with—not just to—your child every day in any language
  • Make reading a social occasion by sitting together in a comfy spot, joking, asking and answering questions
  • Have books, magazines, and other reading materials for your child and for yourself. Reading materials can be bought, traded with other parents, found at yard sales, or borrowed form the library. Many resources are available online
  • Put a limit on television viewing and video game playing. Family time, homework, chores, and friends come first.
  • Support your child’s choice of books but do not be afraid to make suggestions. Both you and your child should discuss what is being read in your home.
  • Let your child see you reading for pleasure.
  • Suggest books that appeal to your child’s interests
  • Point out print all around you. Look at street signs, grocery store label, posters
  • Read recipes and cook them together
  • Make scrapbooks
  • Read something together and discuss it
  • Praise your child for reading

Encouraging writing at home:

  • Let your children watch when you fill out forms, pay bills, write birthday cards, notes, letters, emails
  • Let your children help when you are writing a letter to a friend by adding a word, sentence or a picture. Ask their advice
  • Allow your child to dictate an email to a family member
  • Allow your child to make up the shopping list
  • Allow your child to pretend to write. This is a beginning stage of writing
  • Make sure there is plenty of lined paper and blank paper in your home
  • Make sure there are sharp pencils, pens, crayons and markers in a convenient spot for everyone in your home to use
  • Write something together with your child

Online Reading and Writing Resources for Parents:


The above link is for a 28-page guide “Helping your child with reading and writing,” for parents K-6 put out by the Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat. Some of the pertinent topics includes:

How Can I Help My Child?

What Tips Can I Use?

Help Your Child Understand

What He or She Reads

Talk With Your Child

Make Reading Enjoyable

Encourage Your Child to Write

Bring Literacy to Life through the Arts

Be a Positive Role Model

Bring “Critical Literacy” Into Your Home

Canadian Children’s Book Centre


Canadian Children’s Storybooks Online


Reading is Fundamental- Parent Resource


Reading Lady Homepage


Actors reading great books out loud. Activities as well.


A web-based literacy initiative for boys.


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