Before reading with your child:

  • Talk about the cover, the title and the pictures
  • Predict what the book will be about or what will happen in the story
  • Go over new vocabulary

Strategies to use while reading with your child:

  • Tell your child the word beginning with the first sound
  • Have your child read the last word of each sentence
  • Have your child read one line and then you read the next
  • Read a line, or paragraph and then have your child read it again
  • If your child substitutes a word that means the same as the missed word, let your child continue reading uninterrupted
  • Limit your interruptions of your child’s reading with questions or comments. Read first. Discuss later.

After reading with your child:


What happened in the story?

What was your favourite part?

I noticed that…


This reminds me of…

I remember when…

It makes me think of…

(You want your child to relate to the ideas in the book using their own experience or thoughts.)


I wonder if…

Now I want to know…

What do you think about…?

Why might…