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Strategy Question students ask
Activate prior knowledge


What do I already know about this topic that help me understand?
Ask questions

What questions can I ask that will help me focus on understanding certain parts of the text?
Decide what’s important and what’s not

What is critical to the main idea of this text?
Determining a purpose for reading

Why am I reading this and how should I read it to match the purpose? (If it is for a project I know I need to take notes.)

What conclusions and judgments can I make about the ideas in the text?

Can I make an educated guess based on what I know and clues from the text?
Make connections

What have I read about, heard or seen that might help me understand this text?
Monitor and repair comprehension

Is this reasonable and does it make sense?
Predict (confirm and revise)

Based on my experience and the information in the text, what can I thoughtfully predict will happen? Was I right or not?

What are the most important ideas or parts of this text?

How did what I read change how I understand this topic or idea?

What might the characters in the story (or the setting, etc.) look like?