Judith emailed me today with some more good news about Samir. Samir started the year with just one word: NO. Now his vocabulary is up to 20 words. Samir has not been formally assessed but his teacher believes he’s on the Autism spectrum.

She writes:

I was trying to do a read a story to my kindergartens this morning but was finding it difficult because Samir was loudly vocalizing to his iPad just a few feet away from us. I turned and asked him to be quite. He turned to me and, with a big smile on his face, replied, “Be quiet!” I almost fell on the floor with surprise! I think he shocked himself too because he broke out laughing and said it again 3 more times. Then he put his finger to his lips and said,  “Shhhh. Quiet,” and continued vocalizing in a whisper to the iPad. It just goes to show how much is going on inside his head!

Keep us posted Judith!