Websites to Get Boys Reading


This website has 100 videos from top childrens’ authors and illustrators.


This website is from St. Charles Illinois Public Library list of their best books for boys with 113 descriptions and pictures of the books for boys up to grade 8.



Author James Patterson’s site has lots of reading resources for kids, parents and teachers. It also has lots of descriptions of books that appeal to boys.


At Oprah.com you can find this TV host’s Kids’Reading List for boys.


This site has a lot of resources for people interested in teaching kids with learning disabilities and ADHD.


Read and write book reviews by young writers, both new and experienced, dedicated to improving writing.


Kids’ reviews of video games and software.


This is the website for the famous magazine written by kids 8-13 years old.


Selections of audio books from elementary to highschool.


Listopia rated site where recommended teenage boy books are listed and rated by anyone.


Downloadable pdf books for boys by author Michael Sullivan.


The Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) has selected the following books in 2010 for readers ages 12–18 that met their criteria of both good quality literature and appealing reading for teens. The list comprises a wide range of genres and styles, including contemporary realistic fiction that reflects the diversity of the teen experience, nonfiction that brings to teens an awareness of the world they live in and its history, and fantastical stories told in both narrative and graphic formats.


Kids fill in the thought balloons on funny National Geographic famous photographs.


This site has some quick tips for teachers to get boys writing.


This site is set up as a virtual mall for grade 5-8 students to learn about how advertising impacts their lives. There are teacher and parent resources here too.

The communities provide inspiration in the form of story ideas, tips, games, reviews and writing prompts. Some sites even have interactive environments that encourage kids to create stories about the characters they find there, like this one at KidsOnTheNet.com – http://www.kidsonthenet.com/motel/motel/welcome.html.


Book publishing site for grade school and highschool kids’ stories.

Spies and the military use secret messages everyday to protect their messages from others. The science of scrambling and unscrambling secret messages is called “cryptology.” At thunk.com, you can: write secret notes to friends; sign your name in secret code; send secret e-mail to pen pals; and keep diaries and other stuff private! (grades 3-6)


Science for kids site with articles about fascinating math subjects like, “Shuffling Shenanigans” and “Monkeys Count”


Since its’ first issue in 1922, Reader’s Digest has enticed millions of teenage boys around the world. It has a total readership of over 38 million. The reasons it is popular with boys are it has Humorous Stories, Jokes, & Cartoons, Short articles,Tons of nonfiction, Competitions,  and Games & Puzzles.


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