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Use this “Ant Views” 1:48 minute macro video by Jorg Bronnimann as an introduction to your point-of-view lesson. For lesson ideas check out the “Point of View” link at the top of my blog. https://janineschaub.com/point-of-view-lessons/

point of viewPoint of View Questions

Use clues from the story and your own ideas to identify (character’s name) point of view. How might the story be different if it was told by (another character’s name)?

Identify the main point of view or perspective in the text by using details and your own background knowledge. Explain another point of view or perspective that could exist.

How might (character’s name) point of view differ from your own? Use three details from the text in the explanation of your thinking.

Who is doing the talking in the story (poem, ad, passage, article) and how do you know?

Whose voice do you hear when you read the story? What details in the story give you your impression?

How might your background, experiences and perspective have influenced the way you understood the text?

Using evidence from the text and what you can infer about the character’s point of view, explain how it is similar or different from your own perspective.

What does the character’s decision mean to you and how might it affect other characters in the story?