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Directed by Tomas Mankovsky
Adrian Corker ‘Interdependence’
Music from the album ‘Raise’

In this short film two young boys travel on bikes through the woods and suburban countryside exploring what its like to eat worms, melt plastic action figures, wrestle and smoke. The film has a thought-provoking ending where the boys eat berries they find and experience a hallucinogenic effect.

This short film is an excellent choice for grade 4 and up. Here are some media literacy/language ideas to use with your class:

  • How does the boys’ childhood compare with yours?
  • What do you think will happen to the boys after they see the horse and the dead dogs running?
  • How does the music contribute to the mood of the film?
  • Who do you think was the intended audience? Why?
  • The boys in the film try several things that might worry a parent or teacher. Do you think that risk and danger are necessary parts of growing up? What are your reasons?