Under the “Duties of a Teacher”  section 264.1 (c) of the Ontario Education Act you will find that it is the duty of a teacher to:

“to inculcate by precept and example respect for religion and the principles of Judaeo-Christian morality and the highest regard for truth, justice, loyalty, love of country, humanity, benevolence, sobriety, industry, frugality, purity, temperance and all other virtues.”

I can think of a few Judaeo-Christian examples, such as “an eye for an eye,” that have no place in what we teach. What about “all other virtues” referred to in the Act? What exactly would those be? Am I responsible for demonstrating them to my students by “inculcating” them with humour, perseverance, mercy, dignity, discipline, tenacity, gravity, respectability, dutifulness, wholesomeness, sternness, and even manliness?